I had surgery in 2014 for ruptured ectopic preg. I currently have hydronephrosis and kidney stones?

Im a 29 yr old female. I surgery in 2014 for ruptured ectopic preg. I currently have hydronephrosis and kidney stones. Not on medications currently. Also had rhabdo in 2011. In july of 2016 i hemmoraged in labor. 4 weeks of EXTREME exhaustion. No matter how much i slept i couldnt stay awake. Eyes wouldnt stay open. Unfocused. Rolling. Hearing was fuzzy. Would just fall asleep. Even drinking energy drinks. After i called dr i got labs and hemoglobin was 6.4. I was put on blood transfusions and iron infusions. After 6 weeks felt back to normal. 5 months later it has started AGAIN. 4 days ago exact same symptoms. Cant physically get up in the morning. I cant stay awake in the day. Eyes rolling vision unfocused eyes cant stay open etc then fuzzy hearing in spurts. Jerking/twitching/jolting uncontrollably to wake up. And cant control when any pf this happens. I can drink coffee or energy drink and still fall asleep. I have not hemmoraged again so idk whats goin on!!! I have 4 kids and oldest is 6 and recent diagnoses (9-11-16) i work in a call center as well. I cannot afford for this to be happening again and literally outta nowhere. 4 days ago. Please help!!

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Ahmed Fawzy
6:31 pm

I need you to do a GFR test , urine test and CBC, blood electrolytes test.
Many possibilities here low magnesium, calcium, chronic renal failure, or simply anemia
Good Luck

4:52 am

this may be due to severe calcium and vitamin D deficiency.
An associated thyroid profile disturbance with electrolyte imbalances seem to be a possibility as well.
You should get calcium,electrolytes,vitamin D levels with thyroid function tests done to rule out each of these.
Consult a physician.

Ayman Darrag
6:20 am

In my opinion you are suffering severe vitamin/minerals deficiency ,mostly calcium ,magnesium ,I need a calcium serum and CBC test..do you suffer any abdominal pain or discomfort after eating?

Dr.Honey Arora
6:34 am

Thanks for the query..

So sorry to hear about your problem and will try my level best to resolve it..

Well, the symptoms can be due to severe form of anaemia while severe nutritional deficiency ca be a cause..

Also possibilities of having symptoms associated with your kidney problems..

I would therefore suggest you to get a proper examination done and investigations like a Hb%, CBP, Calcium, Magnesium, Creatinine and Sodium levels, Serum Ferritin levels, renal ultrasound , GFR and CT scan etc.

Hope this information helps..