Is it possible for someone infected with HIV to start producing antibodies and consequently symptoms at a late stage?

Had protected se** with an extremely high risk woman. As far as I remember it was quick and the protection didn’t break. I had several tests done: rna pcr at 11 days, combo elisa’s at 26, 47, and 60 days as well as a standard antibody at 60 days which was offered for free with the last combo elisa. I was ready to move on until I started feeling symptoms at the 9 week mark. For the past two weeks I’ve had higher than normal body temperature but nothing serious; like maximum 37.8 from the mouth. What’s odd is that the the increase in body temperature is not all day for the past two weeks- it seems to come and go at intervals during the day. Also, I have lost 5 KG in the last few weeks. ( It could be the past two months). I also have an abnormal toe nail fungus on both toes and a lymphnode in my neck that doesn’t hurt but feels strange. How accurate are my results and is my stress and anxiety overblown to the point where it’s causing me all these symptoms? Do I need to retest at 3 months? I was told combo tests are conclusive at 6 weeks post exposure. I’m also extremely confused with the whole window period thing. Is it possible for someone infected with hi*** to start producing antibodies and consequently symptoms at such a late stage? Or Do government agencies just state three months to be careful for medical legal reasons? I’m extremely worried and do not know what the next step should be.
Medications: None

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Dr.Honey Arora
6:12 pm

First of all the HIV symptoms does not commonly start appearing so early..
It can take months to years for the symptoms to appear..
And as per the test results also it seems you are not infected..
You can however go for further testing at 3 months for your satisfaction..
But as far as present status you do not look infected with HIV..
If still doubtful consult an Infectious Medicine specialist and get evaluated..

Hope this helps..


Ayman Darrag
6:29 pm

In my opinion, Most of your tests were done in suitable times and are indicative ,so if they were all negative then there is no need to worry about hiv infection, however you should consider seeing a doctor for the enlarged non painful lymph node in your neck, as you may have got another infection by a virus like hcv for example ,or any other virus, low grade fever also shiuld be taken into consideration. You seem also very worried and anxiuos so all these symptoms may be just a moderate defensive mechanism from your body towards any newly acquired… Read more »

Ahmed Fawzy
7:49 pm

I recommend doing the 3 month test as Elisa is mainly antibody test not antigen so there is a Slim possibility that you may have HIV because you have no rash (rash is a real Cause to be worried) , however I do not believe you have HIV, stress alone can cause all you symptoms
So try to relax
Good Luck