Is this an infection, syphilis, genital warts or HIV?

I have a potential sex partner(with whom I have not yet had sex) who appears to have some kind of genital warts (…interior thigh….) If I send a picture of these warts/genitals can you identify the problem..or the likely infection? Not sure if this is HPV or maybe Syphilis, or maybe something more innocuous

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Ahmed Fawzy
11:00 am

Picture is not clear but my opinion it looks like Lipomas (fatty cysts) or Sebaceous Cyst , however if you are still concerned I recommend asking him/her to see a dermatologist
I can help more if you can tell if it is painful or itchy or not
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
12:52 pm

My opinion is that those are just sebaceous cysts or infected hair follicles..
You may let him see specialist for a close investigation or send a more clear close photo.

Arti Sharma
9:17 pm

Hi it could possibly be warts caused by HPV 1 or 2 .It is transmitted by close contact if there is broken skin .They are contagious.They usually recover in their own in 6-12 months but larger ones may need laser treatment or freezing with nitrogen.Get it examined by a dermatologist.Take care!

Arti Sharma
9:18 pm

Another possibility is folliculitis. A clinical examination is absolutely necessary.