I’ve been coughing up blood today?

I’ve been coughing up blood today, and brown mucus prior to this. The blood is mixed with mucus, bright red and bubbly. It has eased for now, and the quantity of blood wasn’t a lot either. Also, I’m a smoker, there’s no one with TB or fever or anything around me. The brown mucus is there for around a week and the blood just started today. What should I do? And honestly, should I be worried? Pls let me knew whether I should worry or not.

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Masr Fawzy
12:53 pm

U r smoker,
So there is different possibilities,
Either problem in the chest it’s self, in the lungs airways, or bleeding from the pharynx , or u May start having gastric ulcer, gastritis or reflux that causes inflammation in the oesophagus,
Throat swab is imp, up to upper endoscopy
What other complains do u have, any fever, any pain in the abdomen, heart burn, dyspepsia ,, pain related to food, any chest pain , any difficulty in breathing .. ??

Waiting ur reply

Ahmed Fawzy
1:29 pm

Bright blood indicates it is nothing serious, probably phrangyal laceration
From continuous couching
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
1:36 pm

Thanks for the query..

Bleeding can be either from your respiratory system or the upper gut..
So after a clinical examination and investigation like chest x-ray, laryngoscopy, upper G.I Endoscopy and a complete blood picture help on ruling out the exact cause and then only any appropriate advice can be given..
Yes, you should take care of it..

Hope this helps.

Ayman Darrag
1:47 pm

If the blood is first time to show in sputum ..it would not be a reason to worry..
The question is ,why did the blood came after brown sputum for a week?! This is the cause of concern..
So if you have been coughing much frequently recently and after a flu..then the brown could be due to infection of the lung which should not be neglected … A sputum culture is the first step..
An xray of chest is next..

4:58 am

being a smoker,there are high chances of an underlying lung disease causing blood in sputum.
HRCT chest,spirometry and sputum examination should be done.
Consult a chest physician.