I’ve been getting heavy periods , tiredness , my whole body is tender, migraines?

Hello I’m (…) age 23 , I’ve been getting heavy periods , tiredness , my whole body is tender, migraines , my left and right side of my neck starts throbbing but it comes and Goes, my eye sight goes funny , I get light headed, lower pains in my tummy, bloated , peeing a lot , I’m getting scared if it’s bad due to me having a son only 10 months .
can you please get back to me soon as possible please

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Ayman Darrag
6:46 pm

That could be more than one possibility,
So I need to get some answers to be able to guide you
How long have you been getting this pain?
Is there any odor for urine?
Your migraines and neck pains may be related,also your lightheadedness and vision disorder ..
Do you breast feed?

Ahmed Fawzy
9:36 pm

Are you breast feeding ? Did you take any medication to stop breast feeding?
Did you have a history of ovarian cysts?
Did this start immediately after birth or recently?

2:46 am

this can be due to severe underlying hormonal changes.
Get complete hemogram and blood electrolytes checked.
Get a usg abdomen done to rule out conditions like PCOS,DUB.
Consult a gynecologist / endocrinologist.
There doesn’t seem to be anything serious and u need not worry.

Dr.Honey Arora
11:12 am

Thanks for the query..

Well, heavy periods, tiredness and body pains and bloating can be due to hormonal imbalances while ovarian cysts or uterine disorders can also be a cause..

Pain in neck, back and lightheadedness can be related to pinched nerve or cervical spondylosis..

Consult a Gynaecologist and get a thorough clinical evaluation done along with investigation like pelvic USG, CBC, Hormonal profile ,RI of cervical spine for ruling out the causes as it looks to be due to multiple causes..

Hope this information helps..