Ive been having left chest and shoulder pain, and now severe left flank pain possible kidney damage?

Im a 32yo female. Have been having problems for a few years, very vaguely. But recently Ive been having left chest and shoulder pain, and now severe left flank pain. My last bloods showed high creatinine levels but dr didn’t care. I have gone to another gp ans she has redone these but i don’t have results. I’m in so much pain and am on my own with 6 kids. First gp mentioned possible kidney damage? I pass urine a lot, I’m very thirsty, forgetful/foggy, so tired. I don’t know if its worth going to the hospital for though.

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2:18 am

i think these symptoms cannot be neglected.
You should seek medical attention at the earliest.
Underlying kidney disease seems to be the root cause.
Get a usg abdomen done.

Ayman Darrag
5:48 am

Actually we need a urine test to check for proteinurea and kidney function test,USG to get clear diagnosis,this could be medical emergency so you need to see a specialist asap ..
Feel better soon

Dr.Honey Arora
11:40 am

Thanks for the query..

As you already had high creatinine levels and ow flank pain that is clearly pointing towards kidney disease..
You should immediately consult a Nephrologist and get evaluated and renal function tests, ultrasonography and CBC should be done..

Hope you get well soon..


Ahmed Fawzy
10:11 pm

I recommend left kidney ultrasound + GFR, also you can suspect ovarian cyst
Good Luck