My son, Age 7 years, shows unexpected occasional shivering?

Hi Doctor
Thank you very much for this service.
My son, Age 7 years, show unexpected occasional shivering. First shivering was observed two years back when he was sleeping, second one 6 months back when he has started bathing. Yesterday, when I took him for swimming for the first time also he started shivering.
He is lean with normal body weight, normal development and physical status.
I remember that when he was nearly 2 years, he slipped down on floor and back of his head has hit the floor and in the night he has vomited. May this incident has any relation with this shivering? Any nerve/ brain associated problem related to this?
What all may be the reasons for this kind of shivering and how I should be prepared and what treatment is required?
Kindly answer me because I am so much worried about this problem.
Thanking you in advance

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2:21 am


yes,this might be related to brain neuronal cells damage.
get a mri brain and EEG done.
Consult a neurologist.

Ayman Darrag
5:55 am

In my opinion that needs further evaluation as the history can indicate a brain damage ,the shivering could relate or could not relate as the form of shivering matters ,whether it is convulsions or shiver so a MRI and EEG are needed.

Dr.Honey Arora
11:55 am

So sorry to hear about your son’s problem..
Well, first and foremost thing is to get his Brain MRI and Electroencephalography done.
This is for the reason that
it will help in ruling out that whether it is due to traumatic injury to brain or is it due to convulsions..

Treatment can be done according to the diagnosis..

Hope this helps..

Ahmed Fawzy
10:16 pm

I really think the shivering is due to inactivity, I do not suspect any thing serious, also it seems he is your only child, may be too much attention?
Good Luck