What are the best times to become pregnant?

Hello, I am asking for a friend and have this info 3rd. hand. A lady had her menstrual cycle about March 1st.
then has sex bout March 14th. and about March 30th starts bleeding bad. She goes to Doctor who tells her she is pregnant. Is this a possibility or another problem?
Also what are the best times here to become pregnant?
I am doing this for a lady friend for her son.
Can you help?

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Ayman Darrag
5:59 am

If you say a bad bleeding has happened in 30th of march then the possibility of staying pregnant is very low now..
The best time to get pregnant is the first few days after the menstrual cycle ends.
She needs a bhcg blood test and USG to confirm or decline pregnancy .

Dr.Honey Arora
12:02 pm

If a woman has a cycle of 28 days then on about 14th [1st day is counted as the day when bleeding starts] day the egg releases.
So the period between 12th to 20th day is most favourable.
Your friend had intercourse during that period only and there are chances of pregnancy.
But if she has a severe bleed then it is not probably pregnancy..
So for confirmation she should get her HcG levels checked by a blood test and also get an ultrasound done..

Hope this helps..

Ahmed Fawzy
10:18 pm

I do not see how can she be pregnant after a bad bleeding, best time to get pregnant should be on the 10th of april
Good Luck