I’ve been having progressive symptoms for almost 2 years now doctors don’t know what’s wrong?

Hi I’m a 23 year old female I’ve had chronic insomnia since I was 16. For almost 2 years now I’ve been having progressive symptoms. It started with frequent infections and infections that lasted longer. Then I started having dizziness and fainting recurrently. Palpitations And low blood pressure. I started having acute body pain lasting only a few minutes feeling like a shock went through my body. Then I got easy and spontaneous bruising mostly localized to my arms. Having recurrent fevers with chills. Bleeding gums and a weird feeling of fullness in my abdomen on left side. And sometimes I now get an itchy throat from foods I’ve always eaten which improves with antihistamines
Problems in childhood
I’ve had migraines since early childhood.
Sinusitis since early childhood
I didn’t have a lot of infections as a child i only had a recurrent diagnosis of glandular fevers.
My migraines got worse since puberty and I had irregular heavy menstrual cycles also causing fainting.
I’ve had a few orthopedic and dental surgeries. Woke up during the last surgery at age 14.
The only treatment i am on is antihistamines. I do not use pain medication. I was on amitrypteline for 1 year for insomnia with no effect.
I was put on depo provera injections at age 18 to stop my periods but stopped using it 2 years later because my migraines got worse
I don’t use recreational drugs and drink alcohol occasionally like once every 4 months.
I have been a smoke since age 14
I’ve never been sexually active and don’t use contraceptives.
I am a shift worker at an active profession
I exercise routinely except when I am too sick
My bmi is 25
I eat healthy foods but only supper as I don’t have an appetite earlier during the day
I use to drink water constantly now i struggle to consume as much.
Since 2014 i had routine cbc tests as an abnormality was picked up on 1 test I had a recurrent elevated WBC count of about 14. Also having high RDW 18 high hematocrit 0.510 and low mchc 30. On some occasions having elevated platelets of 110.
I had 1 labtest only with elevated alp 122
And recurrent lft with low ast and bilirubin.
On my kidney functions only having low bicarbonate high anion gap recurrent with some instances of elevated potassium of 5.3. Urea is always 2.4 or lower reaching 2.0.
Had 2 tft one showing hypo other hyper 3rd normal
Calcium and phosphate normal
Iron studies normal with ferritin 33
Inr and ptt normal
Had crp of 58 and esr 28 a while ago
Hba1c 6.0%
Negative ana
Neg hep a,b and c
Neg Elisa HIV.
Tsh 0.6

Now i am still having the symptoms but cbc normal with wbc count at 8. The doctors don’t know what is wrong since everything comes back normal. The symptoms are mostly intermittent only insomnia is persistent. I’m starting to feel like I’m crazy I just want to be healthy. I need answers if anyone can please give me advice.

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Ayman Darrag
12:46 pm

For me your symptoms sounds like you are having a parathyroid gland disorder,all these symptoms , infections, insomnia and others are strongly related to a parathyroid hormonal disturbance,have you done a PTH ?

Ahmed Fawzy
3:32 pm

I recommend that you check your thymus gland, start by a chest x ray
Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
4:19 pm

I believe u are having an immune deficiency issue ….
U need to seek advice of immunologist

2:09 am

these symptoms are highly suggestive of a parathyroid gland disorder.
Another possibility is of an autoimmune disease that may be causing multiple symptoms.
Consult a endocrinologist.