I’ve been having severe headaches and my mouth feels very dry and bloated tummy?

I am 29 years old & a male. I was diagnosed with prehypertension about two years ago and I’ve been on medication (lisinopril 5mg & amlodipinie 5mg). Last month,I started having stomach pains and gas in my stomach. I completed a triple antibiotic medication after an Endoscopy. Symptoms reduced a little but I still get the bloated tummy with gas. I experience flatulence and belch still. I’ve been having severe headaches and my mouth feels very dry with whitish saliva. I have sore throat now. Kindly assist.

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Ahmed Fawzy
5:19 pm

In my opinion you are experiencing symptoms of dehydration and hypotension i recommend that you recheck your blood pressure , reconsult your cardiovascular doctor

Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
5:29 pm

White saliva and dry mouth ..sore throat in your case is probably due to reflux laryngitis..
You need to start a course of treatment for gastritis as it seems you just finished a course if treating h.pylori ..
Nexium40mg daily morning.
Ganaton 50mg before meals.
Avoid acidic foods..caffeine and chocolates.

7:59 am

GERD with gastritis and indigestion seems to be the cause.
get a GI endoscopy to rule out other causes of mouth dryness.
probiotic tablets with antacids will be helpful.

Masr Fawzy
8:17 pm

I believe in a problem.in food digestion
May be also git infection, do stool analysis.. take digestin , tell me the updates