I’ve fainted 3 times in almost a 3 year span, does not drinking enough water cause that?

Can dehydration cause fainting? I’ve fainted 3 times in almost a 3 year span. My first two episodes were in 2014 back to back and I recently had one in 2016. I exercise quite a bit 5 days a week. Does not drinking enough water cause that? I’m a little concerned because I’m a truck driver and I don’t want to have a episode behind the wheel

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Ayman Darrag
11:06 pm

Yes…That could be hypovolemia so Drink plenty of water,or anaemia ,,get a CBC done..

4:47 am

Yes,this can be due to dehydration but other causes like low blood pressure,sudden hypoglycemia and brain related causes should be given a thought.
Consult a physician.
Get a complete haemogram done.

Masr Fawzy
7:24 am

Dehydration can cause fainting , sure

But, I think it’s not the problem in your case, u need further investigations…

It could be of cardiac , blood or neurological causes

Ahmed Fawzy
10:34 am

I need more information, are you on medication? Do you have any medical problem?
What were you doing when you fainted

Dr.Honey Arora
12:20 pm

Thanks for the query..

Yes, dehydration and hypovolemic shock can cause fainting but first of all make sure that you are dehydrated.
In case if you still get recurring episodes of the same problem then you should consult a Neurophysician and get a proper clinical examination done along with investigations like CT Scan or MRI to rule out the cause and treatment can be done accordingly..

Hope this helps..