I’ve had nasal polyps had them surgically removed now painful, what can I do?

Im a 24year old female and I’ve had nasal polyps in the pass and had them surgically removed and for the last fell weeks now I’ve been feeling a lot of pain and pressure on only the left side of me face with constant runny nose the mucus is mornings is a yellow hard rubbery texture to it and then later in the day it clear. I find myself always wiping my nose as it’s always dripping. For 3 days/nights my nose still runs but I feel it completely blocked, I’ve been having moderate pain on the left side of my face and only gets worse if I lay down especially on my side.

So my real question is what else am I to do. I’ve been using nasacort at bedtime and now even taking musanex for pressure and pain??

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Ayman Darrag
8:17 pm

This is most likely infected sinusitis ,you need to improve your immunity for viral infection but most importantly nasal lavage to clean and clear the sinuses from dormant bacteria and viruses.
Use sea Salt for wash daily.

Ahmed Fawzy
9:51 pm

In my opinion it is a bacterial infection not viral( Staphylococcus) , i recommend you consult your doctor about the best antibiotic and dose , he will probably recommend more than one type
Good Luck

7:24 am

it may be due to incompletely removed nasal polyps causing recurrent infections.
get a sinoscopy done.
anti-inflammatory tablets with antibiotics will help.
take nasal decongestants and avoid dust,smoke exposure.

Masr Fawzy
6:18 pm

Add decongestant and frequent nasal lavage with saline solution,

Is there any fever or lymph node enlargement in the neck

prashant gaikwad
11:38 am

this probably is due to superadded infection.
more than one antibiotics-gram positive and gram negative -should be given for complete cure