My leg has had spasms for some time, now I had total body spasm?

I am sorry if my text will have some mistakes (I live in Czech Republic) or it will be hard to understand but those things are insane. I am 16 y.o. girl. For a long time a have periodically (2 months =I have it, 3-4=I don’t) some problems with limbs on left side of my body. It started few years ago when I started feeling weakness and numbness sometimes. When I was just sitting and then I got up, my whole left leg got in some sort of strange spasm. My leg was numb at the beginning, because of numbness I couldn’t move my leg in the knee, even if I tried my best I couldn’t flex it. Then I felt plucking and a small pain. After maybe 10 seconds it ended and my leg just feeled very tired for a while, but then it was OK again. That is happening almost every time I got up, I start walking after still standing for a while (pedestrian crossings – this was dangerous sometimes!), OR when someone scares me, I change walking on running or many others. My left hand is “just” weak for a while, but it doesn’t have any starters.
I lived with those problems few years and doctors from neurology and orthopedics didn’t tell me anything so I just learned how to live with those struggles, but now I am really scared. Few days back I was sleeping and then one of my spasm came. Normally I don’t have to do anything and my leg is automatically straight even if I was sleeping, but at that moment my leg was slowly moving to my breast. I knew it shouldn’t been happening and I was quite scared so I tried to move it but I couldn’t move with anything on my body. I realized that I wasn’t able to breathe and my whole body was in a spasm. I was so scared. I was moving on my bed for a while, in my head I heard a horrible buzz. Then I don’t know how it ended and I woke up in the morning. That happened few nights after that again and today again. But I felt how my leg is moving and my neck was bending on my back (that was happening) and I moved. I felt how it was coming again and again and I am really scared. What is it?!

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Ayman Darrag
8:43 pm

The onset of sympttoms suggests poor nutrient circultion .calcium,magnesium and potassium ..
Try foods rich in these minerals with drinking plenty of water
Calcium in blodd test and thyroid tests.

Ahmed Fawzy
10:04 pm

In my opinion there are Many possibilities
1 low magnesium or , zink
2 Becker muscle atrophy (need CPK blood test )
3 Addison’s disease(sodium, potassium, cortisol and ACTH )
4 simply panic attacks and depression
(See if antihystamic drugs like hydroxizone helps)

Good Luck

7:27 am

this may be due to electrolyte imbalance or a muscular generalised inflammation.
carnitine deficiency also needs consideration.
get blood profile done including electrolytes,hormonal assay.
Calcium,vitamin D,along with L carnitine and anti-oxidants will help.

Masr Fawzy
7:07 pm

Complete neurological assessment should be done.

prashant gaikwad
11:39 am

trace elements like zinc and magnesium are deficient.
electrolytes need to be checked and appropriate supplements started.