My blood work showed inflammation. I have Crohn’s disease do I need steroids?

I just got a call from my GI office that my blood work showed inflammation. I have had Crohn’s disease for 12 years. I haven’t had a flare up in 7 years until just recently. I am taking azathioprine and they upped my dose, they also want me to start taking Entocort. I do not want to take Entocort, because I do not want to gain weight but most importantly I do not want a huge face or acne. Can crohns inflammation be healed without a steroid? Thank you

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Ahmed Fawzy
3:40 pm

Steroids is not recommended as a permanent treatment, however it can be used during flare ups , Entocort is actually a form of steroids with less side effects than regular steroids, if you do not want the acne odema and weight gain Entocort is the drug of choice
Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
4:34 pm

Regarding your question, Well, I am lil bit concerned, why your doctor started with azathioprin, Anyways crohns depends on the step up method, your are going for the next drug if the first one is not doing the needed results As per steroids, Let me tell you A newer type of corticosteroid, budesonide (Entocort EC), works faster than do traditional steroids and appears to produce fewer side effects. However, it is only effective for Crohn’s disease that’s in certain parts of the bowel. Also, corticosteroids aren’t for long-term use. But they can be used for short-term (three to four months)… Read more »

2:43 am

it is always better to avoid steroids as u said.
But using it for short or long periods of time depends only upon your symptoms and your body tolerance.
If your body is responding to azathioprine (even if the progress is slow),then i would recommend not to use steroids.

If u are unresponsive to azathioprine,then you should go for short course of steroids.

Ayman Darrag
5:57 am

Unfortunately to treat a flare up of crohn’s ,steroid therapy is essential but for the shortest possible time to treat the inflammation and prevent damage to your intestines ,you may need also an antibiotic to treat any infections or fistulas.
Do not worry about side effects as it is minor with that drug and you will not take it for long time..