My daughter has not had a voice for 9 weeks only a whisper?

Hi my daughter has not had a voice for 9 weeks only a whisper she has had every treatment the doctor can give and has been referred to ent doctors but its a very long waiting time and shes in pain something under her chin is a bit swollen but her neck is in pain it all started with a simple sore throat what was put down to a virus but after 4 weeks had passed bloods where took all clear she is also getting mucus coming up and some times blood in it what should she do in the mean time of waiting on a appointment she is 19 she has no temperature and no sickness just no voice and neck pain

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Ayman Darrag
4:32 am

These symptoms refers to a viral infection causing severe soreness of throat and inflamed vocal cords ,it takes time to treat a virus.
Try focusing on salt water gargling,betadine with water gargling,vitamin c intake and ginger,anise warm drinks,keep her well hydrated ,and avoid speaking or being subjected to air current with open mouth ..

6:17 am

this does seem something more than just infection.
May be her vocal cords are affected and inflammed.
A bronchoscopy and an MRI of the neck should be done to confirm the diagnosis.

Dr.Honey Arora
12:09 pm

The symptoms that she is facing can be however due to laryngitis but as she does not have any other symptoms and it is also persistent since long therefore it can be related to other causes like vocal cord nodules or cysts, vocal fold cysts etc.

You should get a Laryngoscopy done for confirmation of the cause, so that appropriate treatment, medical or surgical can be advised depending on the condition..

Hope this information helps..


Ahmed Fawzy
1:01 pm

This is a viral infection to here throat
I recommend anti-inflammatory and betadine gargling
Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
3:50 am

Bloody stool is a red flag needs more investigations
Is it fresh blood or streaks ??
Is she having any constipation or anal fissure ??

Stool analysis and CBC is recommended
Waiting ur reply