Surgery all set to go tomorrow 8 AM. Problem I forgot to take the eye drops until 4pm today?

72 years, male, Re cataract surgery.
Surgery all set to go tomorrow 8 AM.
Problem I forgot to take the eye drops until 4pm today. I should have been taking 3 times a day from Monday through today.
Drops are Ciprofloxacin.3%, Ketorolac .4%, Prednisone AC 1%.
Am I putting myself at great risk by going ahead with the Surgery? Would risk be reduced if I take drops every 2 hours until midnight tonight?
I take Prednisone for R/A. Would taking an increased dose from 5 MG help.

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Ahmed Fawzy
1:18 am

Hi My opinion do not change the Prednisone , however I recommend taking your drops every 4 hours until your surgery (if you doctor prescribed the drops as preparation for surgery then every 4 hours is fine but it you have another eye problem I need to know what it is to help readjust the dose) I see no risk by going ahead with the Surgery (unless you have an eye infection or inflammation you did not mention) , however your doctor should re evaluate your eye condition just before the surgery No reason to worry, your doctor won t… Read more »

Ayman Darrag
4:18 am

You don’t have to worry ,these drops were prescribed to prepare your eyes for surgery ,missing a dose in 3days is not a problem but you should not change the dose,and just continue taking the other doses in order of 4hours as he prescribed ,these are for treatment if inflammation and preventive for infection ,so no worries

6:03 am

i do not think there is any reason to post pone surgery.You can continue taking the drops every 3 hourly till surgery.
However final decision for surgery should be taken by ur treating opthalmologist.
You should inform him about the missed drops as soon as possible.
Avoid high doses of prednisolone.

Dr.Honey Arora
12:20 pm

Thanks for the query..

Althoug the pre-operavtive medications protects you from probability of infection and pain and conditions your eyes but if you have forgotten to put the drops do not put the drops in bolus doses and follow the same course as advised by your surgeon.
But you should inform him before hand so that he can have a close examination of your eyes and after assurance only proceed for surgery.

Hope this information helps..


Masr Fawzy
3:08 pm

Don’t increase the dose , I believe there is no need for that, ur Dr will examine ur eye b4 doing the surgery , and let him know about the missed dose which I believe it will not change anything,
Try to rest and calm down,
Cataract is a simple surgery, Don’t worry
Get well soon