I woke up on Sunday morning with an awful metallic taste in my mouth?

Hello, Female age 40. I woke up on Sunday morning with an awful metallic taste my mouth. It was there when I swallowed food/drink. It has persisted to get worse over the last few days. It is extremely difficult to eat due to the taste that occurs when I swallow and now even smell. I went to urgent care yesterday and the physician did not have an answer other than to put me on antibiotics thinking maybe it could be an infection. I have been congested in my nose for and may have sinus infection but it has not been confirmed. Have you experienced patients that have come to you with this issue in the past? Please advise. I started taking amoxicillin yesterday. Today the metallic taste is at its worst since.

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Ayman Darrag
4:39 am

It has many causes,but mostly your sinus infection or poor oral hygiene is causing it,try starting salt water nasal lavage and keep taking antibiotic till it clears up and for at least 5 days..
Drink plenty of water..
If you are already taking other medications please specify as some times it is caused by other medications also.

6:20 am

this seems to be a fungal infection.
Only amoxycillin will not help.
Local antifungal gels with anti fungal oral tablets should be taken.
Consult a ENT specialist.

Dr.Honey Arora
12:25 pm

Hi.. Thanks for the query.. Metallic taste in mouth and congestion, both are common symptoms of sinusitis and can cause post nasal drip and accumulation of infected mucous/pus into sinuses leading to the symptoms that you are facing.. Consult an ENT Physician an get a PNS view x ray of sinuses done. A CBCT can also be done. Other causes can be oral infection like thrush, acid reflux etc. If sinuses are infected then you can be advised a course of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory painkiller like Ibuprofen, decongestants like Pseudoephadrine, do saline nasal irrigation, steam inhalation and use a humidifier in… Read more »

Ahmed Fawzy
1:04 pm

Can you list all medications that you have been on recently?
Also are you expecting a pregnancy?
I hope you answer my questions
Good Luck