My husband has been coughing up phlegm with bright red blood?

My husband has not been sick or had any virus, but Thursday he was couging in the morning and coughed up phlegm with bright red blood about 6 times a day. 2 times it was just streaked red, but the other times it was about 1tsp. Sinced that first event, he has coughed up phlegm and blood (bright red and an clump about 1 1/2 inch across–not streaked. The sputum an phlegm does look bubbly). He did have gastric sleeve surgery well 2 years ago and has been doing well with it, although he does sometimes have reflux. Would irritation or ulceration in esophagus cause coughing up blood? What other things could cause this?

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Dr.Honey Arora
12:25 pm

Coughing up of blood can be from either upper digestive tract or respiratory tract and it needs a thorough evaluation to rule out the exact cause..
Yes, irritation or ulceration of the oesophagus can be a cause..

As there have been repeated episodes of coughing blood, therefore you need to consult a Physician soon and get evaluations like endoscopy, laryngoscopy, chest x ray etc done for diagnosis..

Hope this helps..

Ahmed Fawzy
1:09 pm

My opinion this is not laceration to esophagus, this is pharyngeal laceration
I recommend betadine gargling
Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
3:14 pm

Blood from mouth is either
From nose.. nasal bleeding
From mouth , pharynx…
From oesophagus .. inflammation
From stomach.. inflammation or ulcer

Yes it could be from the reflux, but to know , it must be investigated .. upper endoscopy will be needed ,also do cBC

2:42 am

yes,oesophageal disease can cause these symptoms.
but lung related problems should be ruled out by getting a chest xray done.
sputum examination should be done to rule out chronic inflammatory diseases.