My legs sometimes feel numb and have blue blackish spots, what can cause this?

I have two big spots behind my legs that are blue blackish and my legs sometimes feel numb what is the cause of it I didn’t hurt it and I’ve been feeling it like this for a week and sometimes it changes to the other leg.. sometimes it get really numb and I don’t feel my leg at all.
Medications: None

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Ahmed Fawzy
4:10 pm

This Is called ecchymosis , it has many causes, so I recommend doing CBC, urine analysis and liver profile to help me narrow them down , start by the urine analysis +serum potassium, vit C, Vit A
I will wait for your test results
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
6:56 pm

It is looking like bruises caused due to bleeding under the skin..
Can be related to a number of factors.
You should consult a Haematologist and get evaluated..
A complete blood picture, Clotting factors, Vitamin K levels and LFT should be done..


Ayman Darrag
3:48 pm

I recommend checking your platelet count ,INr, prothrombin time,.
Are these linked to your period ? do they come in the same time .?

10:59 am

Have you had covid recently or the vaccine? This occurred for me after the vaccine, then got worse after covid. Docs can not find answers yet, but appears to be some type of endothelialitis.