My lips are unable to moisturize themselves, hbs, rvs and mp test, what next?

I have a problem which seems like my lips is unable to moisturize itself. It simply just drys up. either crack or get “hard” and then peel. The dried up skin. It seems to be white, worst on my bottom lip, on the middle bottom of my upper lip and also draw a white line on my upper lip when contacted with water.
And inside mouth also forms some little thick saliva.
I also drank water constantly throughout the day.
So i meet the doctor and he ask me to do hbs, rvs and mp test. after i did all, every was negative and the doctor gave me some little drugs, i drank all without success.
but the first time i did the mp test before when i started having this symptom, it was positive, but now negative and the lip problem still remained the same.

This problem has been persisting for the past 4 months.
I’m 23 of age.

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Ayman Darrag
7:04 am

If your tests are negative then I think you do not need to worry now..
You might be having just dehydration ..
I recommend drinking plenty of water and repeat the mp test once more..
Do you have any other symptoms (chest,sinuses)?

7:34 am

the mp test results do not seem to be related to the dry lips.
either it is due to dehydration or due to underlying hormonal disturbances.
Get detailed hormonal assay including thyroid,parathyroid and electrolytes.

Ahmed Fawzy
9:37 am

In my opinion MP can cause heamolytic anemia causing too much blood iron causing lips dryness and thick saliva which can last 3 month after MP treatment,
So i recommend a CBC and Iron blood test
Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
10:02 am

1- using lip balm containing petroleum or beeswax will provide a barrier and help seal in moisture..
2- avoid to pick and bite off flakes of dried skin, this will only make your lips bleed and heal more slowly

3- take care of any reddness or soreness which will mean that ur lips got infected

4- taking vitA , vit clC , zinc , magnesium, vit E containing food and tablets will do a great job

10:50 am

Thanks for the info, i’m the owner of the thread.