My little boy who is 27 months has had tonsillitis for over a week now?

My little boy who is 27 months has had tonsillitis for over a week now he was given more antibiotics yesterday by our doctor however today all he has done is sleep he is only waking up for a couple of minutes very distressed then going straight back to sleep I’m wondering if I should be worried by this. As he never really sleeps much and he hasn’t had anything to eat or drink since 9.30 am this morning

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Ayman Darrag
3:51 pm

It is normal for baby to sleep when there is bacterial infection as his body try to resist the infection,but severe weakness and not eating or drinking is not to be neglected,you should be careful of dehydration,give him fluids ,fresh juices,mashed potatoes,carrots,bee honey,chicken soup,mashed chicken ,plenty of water,vitamin c sources …

Dr.Honey Arora
5:42 pm

Thanks for the query..

As per your complain your son is sleeping more due to Infection and can be an effect of medication also..
Nothing to worry as when the infection will gradually resolve, your son will be better..
You should continue giving him antibiotics and along with him try to feed him plenty of warm fluids and along with it give him very soft foods every after 2-3 hours..
Use a humidifier in his room as it will help in keeping air moist and soothe his throat..

Hope this information helps..


Ahmed Fawzy
7:19 pm

This is normal antibiotics effects, nothing to worry about, once he finish his antibiotics he will be back to normal
Good Luck

2:24 am

this happens due to underlying infection and fever.
Moreover,this can be due to other sedative medicines that the doctor may have prescribed.
I suggest you to talk to your doctor about this.
He may change the medicines.
Also,he needs change of antibiotics and start on broad spectrum higher antibiotics.
Warm saline water / betadine gargles will help.