My son is 8 years old and has been having abnormal blood work for 2 years now?

My son is 8 years old and has been having abnormal blood work for 2 years now and I’m not sure what to ask the doctors to look into. Unfortunately if I am not a bit forward we don’t even get a call back about his blood work.

Vitamin D 12/29/16 24 ng/mL
MCHC 12/29/16 33.3 g/dL 7/27/16 34.2 g/dL 3/10/14 33.2
HGB 12/29/16 13.0 g/dL 7/27/16 17.1 g/dL 3/10/14 13.5
RBC 12/29/16 4.43 7/27/16 4.44 3/10/14 4.73

He has many headaches, fatigue, is not very active. I brought him to a pediatric neurologist with our native clinic who only asked questions and did no tests. It seems if I am not specific on what tests to run I really get nothing. I have asked for vitamin D for him to get the levels up. We live in Alaska, but at sea level and no one smokes. I’m concerned about the HGB levels and can’t think of any reason for them to be up to speak with a doctor about.

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5:59 am

i think the reports are not much alarming.
a few calcium,vitamin D supplements and healthy diet should be enough.
give him immune boosters to improve his immunity.

Ahmed Fawzy
8:48 am

You son is fine , there is no reason to worry , i think he is stressed or depressed for some reason , does he have friends ? I think it is a social psychology problems
If you think it is not psychological then only tests can be done are TSH, T4, magnesium levels test

Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
1:11 pm

These numbers are not alarming and normal variability in dates according to age..
You can try checking s.ferritin for being assured it is OK.
Healthy diet with vitamin d calcium and b1-6 and b12 is important..
Let him practice a sport of any type.. Swimming,cycling etc…

prashant gaikwad
11:53 am

nothing to worry dear.
these are minimal normal variations seen in many kids.
keep him healthy and fit

Masr Fawzy
6:42 pm

Start giving him iron supplements and multivitamins