My son is experiencing stinging when urinating, not UTI, please advise?

My 7 year old son has been experiencing mild stinging when urinating. I have taken him to the doctor several time over the last 6 months for this issue. they have tested him for a UTI each time and it has always been negative, even the culture they sent out. This is the only symptom he has had. The doctor has diagnosed him with urethritis each time and told me to have him drink more water. Tonight after using the bathroom he started crying and said the tip hurt really bad, but the pain resided after a moment. I plan on taking him back to the doctor tomorrow, but in the meantime I am just trying to get some ideas of what else could be causing this. Does urethritis typically last for 6+ months? It seems unusual to me.

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Ayman Darrag
11:57 pm

in my opinion it could be urethritis yes but you need to check if your children uses soap to wash his genitals as this may be causing this regularly..
let him drink plenty of water and wear cotton only underwears and avoid using soaps and shower gels for a while…just water to wash..

Masr Fawzy
7:34 am

I am suspecting stones

Also i want to make sure,is your child relation ship with his peers is alright, or with his family members , and are you the only one taking care of him ??

11:09 am

urethritis is unlikely to be present for 6 + months.
improper hygiene or calculus can cause this.
get a usg abdomen done.
ureteroscopy may be needed.
consult a urologist.

Ahmed Fawzy
11:34 am

Is your son uncircumcised?
If yes then he can have Balanitis , which means he probably have a fungal infection , so for now avoid using soap , use only water , check this possibility with your doctor and ask for antifungal medication depending on fungus type
Good Luck