My wife is really considering gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico, is it safe?

Hello, my wife is really considering gastric sleeve surgery she’s 5’2 180lbs and 30 years of age we have 3 kids together I’m wondering will it have long term affect on her health 10/20 years down the line she’s also looking into having done out of country in Mexico is it safe to have surgery are travel and stay a few days in Mexico ETC? any help is greatly appreciated thanks.

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Ayman Darrag
2:58 pm

Hi.. Having the surgery in a specific country is not the problem but you should consider the following ; Her BMI is 32 which is not an indication for bariatric surgeries . Which is possible at 40 BMI and higher . Then the cleanliness of the hospital . The accreditation . However.. Gastric sleeving may cause permanent damage to the digestion and absorption processes, she will not be able to eat and digest everything . She may lose nutrients ,minerals and so on due to lack of absorption that is common after these surgeries . I recommend following a good… Read more »

Ahmed Fawzy
3:31 pm

gastric sleeve complications are related to the doctor experience and the condition of surgery room, complications can be infection or internal bleeding (life threatening complications)
If your sure doctor is good and hospital is well equipped then go ahead , if not I recommend not doing it
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
9:43 am

Gastric sleeve surgery can have a number of side effects like nutritional deficiencies as well as many a times there can be infections..
As her weight and height is concerned she can very much reduce it with proper diet and exercise..
So it is better to first consult a Health expert and get her proper evaluation done and let her start with her diet and workout and you can wait for the results..
If there is no weight loss in 6-8 months then you can then you can proceed for the surgery..

Hope this helps..


Masr Fawzy
12:09 pm

The place is not going to make a difference , all you need is a well skilled surgeon,

Any surgery is having that known list of complications , in addition to those related to the specific surgery type,

Consult your doctor about it and it’s long term affection