New born 1 month old nephew is suffering from feet gangrene doctor want to amputate toes?

Hi i need help my new born 1 month old nephew is suffering from feet gangrene. Here some doctors asked us that they need to cut off the fingers of his feet please please help me is there any way with using we can get rid from cutting. Waiting for your reply thanks a lot…

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Ayman Darrag
2:12 am

it depends on the severity and site tissue involved..
the dead tissue should be cut away (debridement), which may need to be repeated several times. Antibiotics will be needed for wet, gas, and Fournier’s gangrene
i am sorry to inform you that if severe gangrene were precisely diagnosed,then amputation is necessary,
you should investigate the causes(that could be vascular) for prevention of recurrence

2:50 am

gangrene is rather unusual in such small babies.
The cause of gangrene needs to be found out,whether its due to any dangerous infection or occlusion of the arteries.
If pricking of the toes by lancet brings blood out of the toes,then there is no need of amputation,toes can be salvaged.
Only if the toes are completely blackened without having any blood supply,only then they need to be amputed.

Salvage operations should be tried first and sincere and agressive attempts need to be made to save the toes.

Ahmed Fawzy
9:32 am

I will need the doplar report or fingers photo , notice that delaying amputation can cause larger amputation , some treatments like hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help.
But it is really an estimation of risks after you see the gangrene and reports
Good Luck