Cancer of lymph nodes with bowel blockage, doctor says too dangerous to operate?

my mom has always had trouble with her bowel working right.nov22,16 she had surgery to remove a lymph node in stomach area for was a 1 hour surgery that took 31/2 hrs due to adhesion.dr said adhesion were so bad he had hard time find lymph node but finally did.she was in hospital 3 days home 2 days then readmitted due to a bowel blockage.they put tube down her nose to give her some relief.dr said she needed another surgery but he wont do it cuz he feels she wont make it it to tough for her.she is drinking prune juice,taking bowel softener everyday and then every other day she takes 4 exlax still no movement except a little very little watery brown stuff.her abdominal is so bloated and she has lots of pain.when we ask doctorhe says keep doing what shes doing.but it not helping what else can we do? please she needs relief.she is 79 and has cancer of lymph nodes