Difficulty inhaling through nostril, is it a deviated septum from nasal fracture?

On Monday, Nov 20th, I woke up and stood up out of bed to stretch. The next thing I remember is waking up on the floor. I typically run slightly hypotensive and must’ve created some kind of pressure change internally during the stretch. I fainted and fell onto the floor. Thankfully, I did not lose consciousness after hitting the floor and was not alone. My nose, although extremely painful and lacerated, was not deformed. My bf (an EMT) and I (nursing student) assessed the situation and deemed it necessary to seek medical attention at the time (4hr drive away from vacation location). Within a few hours, nasal swelling and facial bruising around and under the eyes became apparent. Although the pain has slightly subsided 6 days later, and the bruising is less, I am now experiencing difficulty inhaling through one of my nares. I am wondering if this is from internal swelling from the trauma done to the soft tissue or if I may have a deviated septum without an external deformity from an unconfirmed nasal fracture?

Age: 28
Medications: Multi-vitamin daily, 220mg venlafaxine daily
General Information: Past Medical Hx:
Major depressive disorder (controled)
No Smoking
No drinking
No illicit drug use
Other Symptoms:bouts of dizziness (sitting and standing)
Headache, nasal pain, difficulty breathing through R nare

I ‘ve have difficulty breathing, blocked nose,runny nose, teary eyes for long time, now chest pains ?

I am 32 year old male, i have had these symptoms for a long time sneezing (can last for thirty minutes after a shower and morning as well),difficulty breathing, blocked nose,runny nose, teary eyes, i feel itchiness around the chest area on the inside when i cough and every time i visit the doctor am prescribed antihistamines,nasal sprays and these seem not to work.lately the difficulty in breathing is too frequent even when am resting,am also having pains on my right side near the chest just at the diaphragm.i have experienced this pain for two years now.its on n off..additionally every time i sneeze i produce unusual sputum which is clear/colorless but looks like ice crystals.This is making me very unproductive please help

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