I had Temporomandibular Joint Disorders I have terrible ear ache and sore throat?

Hi. I’m 41 years old female. I have terrible earache and sore throat only on the right side. I had TMJ on the left side of my face after I had dental work. I had no signs or symptoms of it before dental work. I had to open my mouth too long. I saw ENT doctor afterwards and the medications she gave seemed to work for pain. I waited two months to heal to finish my dental work. But again after I had a filling the pain came back worse than before. I have been taking Sirdalud and Tilcotil with the oral surgeons suggestion. The symptoms of TMJ is decreasing I got terrible ear ache and sore throat on the right side. Nothing seem to work. It gets worse at night. I started to take Zimaks. Its second day and I still have pain. What might be the reason for this? I have seen ENT again but didn’t help.

I’ve neck muscles strain that caused a Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ, TMD)?

I’m a 19 years old Female ,I’ve type 1 diabetes for seven years now
For the last year and half I’ve had these terrible headaches almost every day
I get this pulsating feeling in my temple and between my eyes & My whole head throbs .
When it first started I went to an ophthalmologist who told me I’ve migraines but described nothing for it
It got worst & I went to a bunch of doctors
Till I got the final diagnosis that I’ve neck muscles strain that caused a TMJ problem & that maybe my disc has been moved from it’s position or something like that
I did an MRI but it showed that there’s nothing wrong with my jaw.
I ignored the problem for a while
Until last week , beside the usual terrible headache , I’ve got this electrical feeling in the right half of my face
It ran in three places , around my eyebrow and eye , tip of nose and my upper lip , and along my mandible.
I’m not sure what’s the problem anymore , or who should I go to? The pain is becoming unbearable. I’d appreciate the help .

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