I had Temporomandibular Joint Disorders I have terrible ear ache and sore throat?

Hi. I’m 41 years old female. I have terrible earache and sore throat only on the right side. I had TMJ on the left side of my face after I had dental work. I had no signs or symptoms of it before dental work. I had to open my mouth too long. I saw ENT doctor afterwards and the medications she gave seemed to work for pain. I waited two months to heal to finish my dental work. But again after I had a filling the pain came back worse than before. I have been taking Sirdalud and Tilcotil with the oral surgeons suggestion. The symptoms of TMJ is decreasing I got terrible ear ache and sore throat on the right side. Nothing seem to work. It gets worse at night. I started to take Zimaks. Its second day and I still have pain. What might be the reason for this? I have seen ENT again but didn’t help.

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Ahmed Fawzy
11:17 pm

Zimaks is the right treatment just give it time , in my opinion Tilcotil(Tenoxicam) was a wrong decision especially if given with anesthesia or dental work, it can cause serious complications as blood clots , not sure who to blame ENT or dentist, any way stay on Zimaks and try to endure the pain for 1 more week
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
11:40 pm

developing a sore throat after a teeth work indicates a probability of throat infection which needs antibiotic treatment..
while the tmj pain can be well managed by ice application 5 minutes 3 times daily ..
i recommend seeing an ENT to look into your ears for a possibility of infection too.

5:02 am

earache may be related to TMJ but sore throat seems to be unrelated.
this may be due to an upper respiratory tract infection.
starting broad spectrum antibiotics will help.
warm saline water gargles can help.

Masr Fawzy
11:33 am

U r already taking ms relaxants and antinflammatory drugs,

U need to do x rayband MRI on it to figure out whats going on