Using colostomy bag after hernia surgery, after 7 days haven’t passed stools?

Hi my mom uses a colostomy bag she did a surgery on 10/1/17 to remove a hernia she pass stool 7 days after, it has being 7 days now she haven’t pass stool and vomiting a lot doctors take xrays give her laxatives but nothing she’s at the hospital now and all the doctors are doing is just waiting for her to pass stool isn’t it too long now please tell me what u assume might b happening to her

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8:15 am

if laxatives have not help,give her a rectal enema.
there may be hard impacted fecoliths which need to be removed manually.
get usg abdomen to rule out paralytic ileus.

Ahmed Fawzy
3:06 pm

This is common complication of colostomy bag causing drama blockage, if wait and see does not work surgical intervention may be needed to avoid burst of colon (rupture)
Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
6:15 pm

Most probably paralytic ileus where yr gut is as its stopped to move like paralyzed, so not functioning well

Continue NPO, fluids and eketrolytes thru iv line, drugs like the one given to you , nasogastric tube to be inserted…

It will take some time

Ayman Darrag
10:07 pm

in my opinion it is paralytic ileus ,,It can usually take 1-3 weeks for the colon to heal after colostomy,so stay with the current treatments, Iv feeding and wait.if bowel movement returned then a nasogastric tube to be inserted and fluids should be given and gradually shifting to solid food.. but if no show of stool persisted then surgical interference is going to be necessary