While admitted in hospital My amylase and lipase percentage has been 5 time the normal range?

Hi, My amylase and lipase percentage has been 5 time the normal range high due to acute pancreatitis. While admitted in hospital, the WBC count was also abnormally high which has now been under control, however the lipase and amylase enzyme range is still alarmingly high. Please suggest medication to control the same and to help bring down the levels to the normal reference range of under 140 U/L

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8:13 am

you are in early recovery phase of acute pancreatitis.
the enzyme levels will gradually come back to normal after the episode of acute inflammation has been treated.
the count has reduced,that means the enzyme levels are expected to lower soon.
take symptomatic anti inflammatory tablets.
get repeat usg after 15 days

Ahmed Fawzy
3:02 pm

There is no medication given to lower lipase and amylase however you are given anti inflammatory to reduce pancreatitis which in turn reduce amylase and lipase., afterwards you will need to check your gallbladder which could be the cause of acute pancreatitis
Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
6:09 pm

No worries
Amylase stays in high levels after acute phase for 3 to 5 days

Ayman Darrag
10:09 pm

at this stage nothing to worry about and no need to lower amylase ,lipase as they will settle down on their own with time after treatment of acute pancreatitis..