I have been getting stomach pain that feels like a bad gnawing pain?

Female 40 years non smoker, occasional alcohol, going through early menopause.

For the past 5 weeks I have been getting stomach pain that feels like a gnawing very bad hunger pain. The pain feels like it is mid abdominal/ behind my belly button and quite deep inside. Sometimes it feels like there is pulsing sensation. Even after a big meal I still feel hungry, it has even woken me at night a couple of times. Occasional nauseous but never vomited. I have been prescribed two courses of antibiotics, currently half way through second and also omeprazole. I started feeling a bit better but now I am back where I started. I am starting to think it could be something more serious.

I have sever stomach pains and diarrhea, scared to eat anything?

Hello, i am a 30 year old woman. no medical concerns that require medication or treatment (that i am aware of) For the past 3 days i have been suffering from severe stomach pain and diarrhea. within 60 minutes after i eat anything, be it fruit, sandwiches, meat, vegetables, cereal, etc. you name it. 60 minutes afterwards i am on the toilet for roughly 30 – 40 minutes with intense painful diarrhea, and before that severe stomach pain, afterwards i have stomach pain as well. i am scared to eat anything… what could this be?

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