23 year old woman suffers from numbness and pins/needles down one side of her body?

My partner is a 23 year old woman and suffers from numbness and pins/needles down one side of her body (arms and legs in particular) and has been suffering for approx 2 years. GP’s keep referring her for one test of another with no success. She is on her feet 8 hours a day with adequate rest breaks off her feet. No signs of swelling or other visible signs on her skin. Blood tests all come back with no problems. Joints don’t appear to be an issue. Originally was suggested to be Carpol Tunnel syndrome but has since been ruled out.

Could you offer any suggestions of what could be causing it?

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Ayman Darrag
2:05 pm

That could be either a brain related or spinal cord related issue , a MRI of brain and sc is necessary …
Cervical disc lesion is also a possibility

Ahmed Fawzy
2:10 pm

Is speech affected? If yes you can check possibility of amylotrophic lateral sclerosis, also check blood electrolytes levels and do a urine analysis
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
8:47 am

Looks like Nerve related problems..
Consult a Neurologist and get evaluated and get evaluated and a brain and spinal MRI showed be done..
Please upload the reports..

Hope this helps..