4 year old girl with delayed milestones (speech) and convulsions, what can we do?

I have a 4 years old child (Girl) with delayed milestones (speech) and have been having convulsions when she has an infection. She is sometimes hyperactive she has been diagnosed to have mild autism.Currently we give her Tegrotol for convulsions. what can we do to help her catch up with her speech and to reduce hyperactivity and also to eliminate convulsions.

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Masr Fawzy
6:24 pm

I need you first to check her hearing, do her EEG and MRI..

I need to know, the speech problem , when did it start to appear.. since birth or when??

Ahmed Fawzy
8:16 pm

For speech you will need to see a speech specialist to train her and check her hearing, for hyperactivity physical therapy focused on stability exercise and slow rhythmic approximation , for convulsions your doctor may add depakin to the tegretol treatment
Good luck

Ayman Darrag
9:46 pm

actually tegretol is perfect and definitely it takes time to show results well but you need to be having a better even slow progression with convulsions.
if the convulsions are getting worse or not responding completely to that treatment then a modification is going to be needed.
concerning the speech,a speech therapist should be consulted and he can arrange speech therapy sessions for helping her through it.
i recommend a hearing test,MRI of brain.

6:53 am

a permanent damage to the brain cells has triggered these symptoms.
convulsions can be taken care of by tegretal or similar anti-convulsants.
Most of the times these medicines have to be taken for a lifetime.
as the age progresses,the symptoms will definitely show improvements.
speech therapy and physical co-ordination exercises will help.