Diagnosed with “blood brain abnormalities” but MRI says I’m OK?

Hey, I’m (…) 23 years old this year and I’m in trouble but I’m not sure why my doctor diagnosed me with “blood brain abnormalities” while the MRI memo says I’m okay. I was told to take MRI because I’ve been dealing with “keractoconus and hypoparathyroidism” for a year so only now, checking for abnormalities. So anyways, here’s what the MRI says:

No prior study is available for comparison. No mass effect, hydrocephalus or shift of the midline structures is present. The basal cisterns are not effaced. There is no restricted diffusion. No abnormal susceptibility is seen on SWI suggestive of haemorrhage. Normal grey white differentiation is noted. There are normal vascular flow voids. MRA reveals no significant intracranial large vessel stenosis or evidence of a vascular malformation. The orbit contents appear unremarkable, mucous retention cyst is seen in the left maxillary sinus.

No intracranial abnormality of note.

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Ahmed Fawzy
11:37 pm

I totally agree with you this does not make sense, can you please upload your MRI scan to see it for my self?
Thank you

Ayman Darrag
12:22 am

The MRI Report says everything is ok..
YOUr doctor may have compared your symptoms to the examination he did to diagnose keractoconus and hyperparathyroidism which can be proved by eye examination and blood test..
would you tell me the symptoms you are complaining currently?

5:07 am

i agree with you.
I do not find any blood brain abnormalities .
An MRI is a ultrasensitive diagnostic modality .
If MRI is normal,then for all practical purposes,you are having no abnormalities.
Take a second opinion.

Masr Fawzy
11:47 am

may be the results written was not matching what he have seen in the MRI

It happens alot