Doctor thinks my appendix needs surgery, should I go through the surgery?

I am a 25 year old female. About 6 months ago I was told I had pcosd. About 8 months ago I had my gallbladder removed and that’s the only surgery I’ve had. For the the past year every month I’ve been taking a ovulation pill to help me get pregnant. Other than that,that’s the only medicine I take daily. So Wednesday I woke up with this crazy pain in my right lower abdomen. I went to work and worked all day and the pain wasn’t seeming to get any better! I went to my doctor who believed it was my appendix and sent me to the er to have a ct scan,it came back fine. Said I had an ovarian cyst and to follow up with my obgyn. I did that the next day and she seemed to believe it wasn’t a obgyn problem and said it was a stomach issue. So she sent me to a stomach doctor who also believed it was my appendix considering I’m having all the signs and symptoms. My white blood count is high and my urine came back fine. So she sent me for another ct scan,this time they contrasted me! Anyway that scan came back fine. I went the next day for a follow up appointment with the stomach doctor and she said she doesn’t know what’s going on, she said she would rule it as something else but she said it isn’t explaining my my white blood count is high. So she wanted to put me on a antibiotic over the weekend and if it isn’t better by Monday she is gonna do surgery. I read on line that the appendix will rupture after three days and today is day 4 . The pain is still there and I’m still running a low grade fever but I feel no different than I did three days ago. So my question is, should I go through with the surgery? I don’t like the fact I’m gonna be operated on and not know what the problem is. Please give me some feed back to help me understand!

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Ayman Darrag
9:59 am

In my opinion you should get a clear diagnosis before going to surgery…
What are the current symptoms other than low grade fever and pain ?
Is there nausea,vomiting?
Have you tried transvaginal us?
When was your last period?
Did your doctor consider the possibility of ectopic pregnancy?

Ahmed Fawzy
3:45 pm

In my opinion go on with surgery, but before that ask your gynecologist to perform a vaginal ultrasound to check for pregnancy, it can be a pregnancy ovulated from right side ovary
Good Luck

5:02 am

from the history that u have stated it seems that the diagnosis is unclear.
Appendicitis should be clearly documented before going for surgery.
Performing a appendicectomy without a proper diagnosis may not solve the issue if the cause is unknown.
Right ovary conditions can also mimick similar symptoms.