I lost nearly three liters of blood due to my placenta breaking I feel I’m going to pass out

I’m 23 and female. I had a baby 7 months ago I lost nearly three litres of blood due to my placenta breaking, o had one blood transfusion, since then I’ve been constantly dizzy, I had iron pills they says that’s fine now had low blood pressure that’s okay too apparently, I have anxiety they usually put it down to that or me being exhausted as I have two children by myself but I know it’s got to be more as I’m dizzy all the time it never goes away, to the point I feel I’m going to pass out it’s scary especially when I’m alone with my children I really need something to help with my constant dizzyness

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Ayman Darrag
10:06 am

3litres are a big amount and should have been treated on time..but normally your bone marrow should have overcomes this loss in the 7months passed..now in my opinion you should get a full CBC ,s.ferritin fine to get a proper treatment for your iron deficiency and follow up with a hematologist…

Ahmed Fawzy
3:47 pm

I recommend B-active in the morning and omega -3 in the afternoon
With multivitamins supplements
Good Luck

5:06 am

it seems that your body has still not coped up completely with the blood loss.
If oral tablets are not helping,you can get ferric iron injections weekly so that your blood count and hemoglobin improves faster.
also start on multivitamin and calcium tablets.