Experiencing right sided facial palsy for the 3rd time in 8 months?

33 yr old female
Experiencing right sided facial palsy for the 3rd time in 8 months. Only affecting lower part of the face. I can raise my eyebrows frown and fully close my eye. But cannot smile or show my teeth on the right side. The first episode was in July last year. I was unwell beforehand and diagnosed with migraine and a viral illness. Them the facial palsy occurred. I had an mri which was fine. 2nd occasion was end of November. And this time it started Sunday. I am also feeling general aching all over, neck and back pain and fatigue. Each time I’ve been told I have bells palsy however after researching BP I’m unsure if this is right as my forehead is not affected at all

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Dr.Honey Arora
3:04 pm

Hi.. Thanks for the query.. As per your query the symptoms of difficulty in smiling and showing teeth then the symptoms are most probably due to disturbance in functions of facial nerve it leading to ‘s Palsy as the muscles of face are controlled by branches of facial nerve it.. In your case it looks like the entire nerve is not damaged rather any particular branch is appearing affected.. So my suggestion is to consult an Oral Surgeon or a Neurologist and get evaluated.. You can be advised Physiotherapy along with Vitamin B6 and B 12 supplements and even steroids..… Read more »

Ayman Darrag
3:14 pm

this is most probably central facial palsy ..It usually results from damage to upper motor neurons of the facial nerve.
The facial motor nucleus has dorsal and ventral divisions that contain lower motor neurons supplying the muscles of the upper and lower face, respectively
So you might be having nuclei injury .
Emg may diagnose it..
A neurlologist can help you with it..

Dr.Honey Arora
3:25 pm

Thanks for the query.

It looks to be due to Bells palsy only..

However only some branches of the facial nerve seems affected leading to reduced function of confined portion of the face..

Consult a Neurologist and get evaluated..

Physiotherapy, Vitamin B6 and B 12 supplements and steroid can be advised..

Ahmed Fawzy
6:22 pm

It is possible to have facial palsy affecting part of the facial nerve, usually not all face is affected the same way, yes it is facial palsy, recurrence is possible at higher rates if your have flu avoid wind and avoid staying in warm place then sudden walking into windy places, make sure you always wipe sweat below Your ear as every gram of water evaporates cool down 500 gram of your body 1 degree,.
Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
12:39 am

Its facial palsy most probablybwith recurrent viral infection, it happens
Its self limited , however, taking multivitamins will be good esp. Vit b complex…

2:42 am

facial palsy is of two types.In one of these types,only the lower part of face is affected.
Lower motor neurons are affected in this case.
But,getting such palsy 3 times in 8 months is rather unusual and is generally not seen in majority of people.
Probably you may be having severe vitamin B12 and B6 deficiency.
Get a EMG and NCV studies done.