I’m swollen through the stomach neck and face. I have no energy like I used to?

Before u say it I know I should have already went to the doctor but I’m not really doctor type.

Im 21 yr old male I own a hay brokerage company and a 2300 head cattle operation also have several semis on the road so I have a ass load of stress.

Heart problems is a big problem on fathers side few people have had cancer on mothers side. I have high blood pressure. 240 is the heaviest I’ve ever been at 6ft tall. And I weigh 216 now and I look bigger than I’ve ever looked I’m swollen through the stomach neck and face. I have no energy like I used too I’m the type of guy that works 20 hours a day and sleeps 3or 4 hours and it don’t affect me not me to work 10 or 12 and be tired like I have the last 4 months I’ve had diarrhea and throwing up off and on for about 3 weeks nothing taste good and everything I eat kills me. And this week I’ve broken out in big whelps look like huge boils that are dry. Just wondering if any suggestions to what it could be and how worried I should be and what kind of doctor I should see I do not have a family doctor

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2:51 am

there surely seem to be some disturbances in your blood profile.
Get complete hemogram done including thyroid levels,sugar levels,serum electrolytes along with kidney and liver function tests done.
serum uric acid levels will rule out gout as well.
you need to see a physician as early as possible.

Ayman Darrag
7:06 am

This can be many possibilities ..
In my opinion you should do some tests to figure out what’s going on..
Symptoms may be due to severe stress or other complicated condition..
So you need kidney function test..thyroid profile..sodium and potassium in blood..uric acid analysis.
Can you describe exactly what food causes to your body when you eat?
Send a picture of your boils or tell me where do they appear?

Ahmed Fawzy
8:22 am

First see an internal medicine doctor to check for stomach bacteria, you may not need a dermatologist for the boils after your stomach treatment, also you may need an endocrinologist to check your thyroid adrenal and pituitary gland to check for over weight causes, as it could be cushing syndrome
Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
7:27 pm

U need to lose weight, do RBS, cortisol level and the routine labs