I suffer from olfactory hallucination (phantosmia) for over 20yrs?

Hi, I’m (…), 49yrs old. I have been having really strong smells olfactory hallucination (phantosmia) for over 20yrs.had a scan in 96 which showed only frontal lobe damage and it was left at that. A few years ago had my eyes checked and had another scan which showed nothing, not even frontal lobe damage.. weird.. was put on epilepsy meds in case it was that but I became elergic to 2 types of the meds was taken off them and that was that. It frustrates me nothing can be found wrong.. I feel I’m not believed or I’m looked at as a hypocondriact.. but it’s real and when it happens it’s really strong and I find it hard to breath when it happens. What is happening? Why does 1scan show 1 thing than on another scan it shows nothing? Please help. Thankyou

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Ayman Darrag
3:21 pm

Frontal lobe damage could not cause phantasomia..while temporal lobe seizures can.
So are the symptoms disappearing with the anti epileptic drugs??
If so then you suffer from TLS and the frontal lobe lesion was an artifact or either the second scan has a n artifact..
I recommend EEG and New MRI ..

Ahmed Fawzy
6:30 pm

Frontal lobe lesion is unrelated to your problem on the other hand lesion to your uncus can cause phantosmia
I recommend checking you sinus gland,
Also try to recall how it first started was it after sever flu? Or nose bleed?
Did you have chest problems?
Scaring to your sinus can cause your problem
Good Luck

2:47 am

I trust you. You definitely have some organic reason for these symptoms.
there seems to be a damage to the olfactory nerve causing these symptoms.
Frontal lobe lesions are unlikely to present in such manner.
U need a MRI/CT with contrast to find out the exact cause.
Consult a neurologist.

Masr Fawzy
12:44 pm

Could you please describe the smell hallucinations more.. ?

Regarding your question,
I would like yo know please, what kinda damage was seen in the first CT