Girlfriend has crippling period pains that are certainly Endometriosis?

Girlfriend has crippling period pains that are certainly Endometriosis. Recent scan showed Endometrium was 16mm thick. Crippling pains and completely immobile during her period, and sometimes in between. Getting worse month by month. Painful going to the toilet when on her period. Unqualified Cambodian doctor has prescribed Clotrimazole& Tinidazole. I think a progesterone cream is the way to go forward, however it is not advisable to take progesterone and Clomitrazole together and the latter interacts with the former.

I will attach the ultrasound results.


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Dr.Honey Arora
4:54 am

Thanks for the query..

It looks like endometrial hyperplasia..
However if still endometriosis is suspected you should get investigations like MRI scan or Laparoscopy done as ultrasound is not most effective in ruling out endometriosis..
As of now antispasmodic medication and painkillers can be given for pain relief..

Hope this helps..