Girlfriend has crippling period pains that are certainly Endometriosis?

Girlfriend has crippling period pains that are certainly Endometriosis. Recent scan showed Endometrium was 16mm thick. Crippling pains and completely immobile during her period, and sometimes in between. Getting worse month by month. Painful going to the toilet when on her period. Unqualified Cambodian doctor has prescribed Clotrimazole& Tinidazole. I think a progesterone cream is the way to go forward, however it is not advisable to take progesterone and Clomitrazole together and the latter interacts with the former.

I will attach the ultrasound results.


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Pain shoots up my back with constipation, is it Endometriosis?

I went to the doctor about 3/4 months ago, complaining about a pain that sort of shoots up my bum whenever I sit down, and constipation that would come in waves, and pain around my lower back. he prescribed me with laxido sachets, twice a day. I went back a month later, and I was going to the toilet more regularly but the pain was still there. He told me too carrying on taking the sachets. When i returned for the 3rd time, he said I was still all built up and too take the sachets, still twice a day, and also a tablet (unsure of the name) which after reading the paper insert in the box, is often prescribed for stomach ulcers. I am going to the toilet a lot, and my stools are soft, but I still have the pain when I sit, and sometimes at other occasions. This is really starting to concern me now! I have realized that it is worse the closer I am too my period, and my periods seem a little heavier than before all these problems started, and trying to pass stools when I’m on my period is agony! This is usually always accompanied with bloating and a swollen tummy, and having sex is always uncomfortable/painful! is it possible that Endometriosis is a possible diagnosis?

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