I am 20 weeks pregnant and I think I have a severe kidney infection?

I am 20 weeks pregnant and I think I have a severe kidney infection.
I have severe pains at the bottom of my belly on the right hand side and also at the bottom of my back on the right hand side. My urine smells quite foul and I have discharge. My midwife said if the pains don’t go then she recommends I go to the hospital and the pains are still there.

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2:17 am

yes,you definitely need to go to the hospital.
kidney infection of calculus seem to be more likely.
get an ultrasound of abdomen done.
you may need to take antibiotics.
drink plenty of fluids and water.

Ayman Darrag
10:11 am

Yes itvis mostly a kidney and UTI, I recommend a urine culture asap for proper antibiotic prescription..

Dr.Honey Arora
1:49 pm

It can be related to kidney problems like a severe Infection or stone formation in kidneys..
Get an ultrasound and urine culture done so that appropriate cause of the symptoms and will be treated accordingly..

As you are 20 weeks pregnant, further care should be taken to avoid complications, so it will be better to consult a Physician soon..

Hope this helps..


Ahmed Fawzy
10:05 pm

You need an ultra sound on your right kidney, urine test and urine culture, there are safe antibiotics for pregnancy, so no need to be worried from medication
Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
6:57 pm

Regarding your inquiry,
It is possibly Urinary tract infection with vulvovagintis, u need to do urine analysis and not to wait…
Would u please describe me the discharge, Color and smell

Waiting for your reply