I am now suffering with very bad pain in my hands and feet, my hands feel like they are on fire all the time?

Hi, my name is (…), and I am 30 years Old now about 3years ago I got very sick, I was so tired all the time and also started to put on some weight to, then I also starter to notes that I could not no longer hear very well any more, it got to a stage that I had no choice but to go and have a hearing test done and that’s when I find out that I am 100% deaf in my right ear now and have to were one hearing aid to help me hear in my right ear ,I am also partly deaf in my lift ear to about 50%, I also had blood test done and they come back and said I have severe inactive thyroid – hypothyroidism to which I am taking medication for now. but When I had tuned 25 years old I also started suffering from severe and very bad headache – they were like seizure headaches this was before I went to see the Dr, it got so bad that I no option but to go and see a specialist dr – neurologist to see why this was happening to me, they did test but all came back find but, was still having them – seizure headaches so they put me on epilim to stop them which has stop them but still to this day do not know what course them to happen. I am now suffering with very bad pain in my hands and feet, my hands feel like they are on fire all time and numbness or tingling all time and my feet and ankles are sore and swollen to I have been going to the government hospital as cant afforded private one as I am on a Disability grant, to see specialist Dr’s eg, neurologist and genetics dr to but they can’t find anything wrong with my hands and feet , I have been for tests, eg, blood test and eeg, ct brain scan and Nerve tests where they pick you with pin to but all came back find , but I still have the pain, the Dr’s cant find anything please can you help me?

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Ahmed Fawzy
5:24 pm

I recommend doing spinal tab to check for increased intracranial pressure , also if you had a brain MRI I hope you could upload it as I suspect an old meningitis which has caused all your problems, (Increased intracranial pressure can be due to a rise in pressure of the cerebrospinal fluid)
Good Luck

4:46 am

these symptoms are due to peripheral neuritis.
vitamin B6 / B12 deficiency may be associated.
start on pregabalin,methycobalamin tablets with vitamin D3.
These medicines should be taken for atleast 3 months without a break.

Ayman Darrag
8:00 am

In my opinion ,you should consider doing a pendred syndrome exclusion with a genetics specialist,as hypothyroidism is sometimes associated with hearing loss,but can be corrected with treatment of thyroid dysfunction while in penred syndrome it is not reversible..
Check also your calcium levels.

Dr.Honey Arora
3:05 pm

Thanks for the query..

The symptoms can be due to Peripheral Neuropathy..
As Vitamin B12 levels are normal you can get calcium , magnesium and potassium levels checked..

Consult a Neurophysician and get evaluated..