I broke my tibia and fibula in a snow blade accident, fibula seems displaced?

One month ago I broke my tibia and fibula in a snow blade accident. I had extension put on my leg and in two days surgery where I’ve got metal plate with 8 screws on the tibia but nothing on the fibula. Now I’ve had X-ray and doctor is saying it is OK with some minimal bone healing, but to me it looks like the fibula is a bit displaced. I wonder is it normal not to put plate on the fibula, having in mind it was multifractured fracture. Also I wonder whether it is normal to have only minimal bone healing after one month and when the bones should be fully recovered.

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Ayman Darrag
4:04 pm

Actually to answer your question you need to send the xray post operative or the most recent,tell me your age,sex,medical history if present..
It depends on your age and other factors,normally it takes 1.5 months to 2months to heal completely depending also on fracture degree and fixation done.
Concerning the fibula,in some cases if the fracture is comminuted may be internal fixation is useless and bones can heal alone,if they are not displaced …

Ahmed Fawzy
11:38 pm

Tibia takes 6 to 8 weeks to heal , usually fibula is ignored as it Carry almost no weight, so it is usually left to heal on its own, if your diabetic you can multiply bone healing time by 4
Good Luck

11:16 am

one month is too short a period to show full signs of radiological union of any fracture.
Fibula fracture if not in lower 1/4th of the bone (above ankle) ,any kind of displacement won’t hamper your degree of functional recovery.
Only lower 1/4th fractures need to be fixed with a plate.

Dr.Honey Arora
11:19 am

Long bones like Tibia and Fibula takes about 3-6 months to heals appropriately and can be assessed with the help of x rays..

As far as fibula is concerned, it unites on its own in almost all cases without active fixation and only tibia is fixed being the main weight bearing bone..

So do not worry as gradually the healing will progress..

You can review with regular follow up x rays with an orthopedician to get checked for progress of healing..

Hope this information helps..

Masr Fawzy
5:32 am

Regarding your inquiry,
None healing takes time, however we need to have x rays trend to see the sequence of what happened… At least the old and the new one in order to help you properly

Waiting for your reply