I did a home dipstick urinalysis test, should I be worried about the results?

Hello, i did a home dipstick urinalysis test and i have trace of leukocytes, trace of protein, high specific gravity and trace of glucose. Just wondering what this means? I’m pretty sure I have a uti as I am feeling nauseated and have temperatures and my asthma has been playing up.
I’m a bit worried about the glucose being in my urine though.

Age: 35
Medications: Ventolin, Symbicort, panadol osteo x 2 daily, celebrex, levelen ed
General Information: Fibromyalgia Asthma Osteoarthritis in the hips, boarderline sjorjens.

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Dr.Honey Arora
6:10 am

There is a possibility of urine infection and high blood sugar levels..
So you need to consult a Physician and get a Urinalysis done for exact values..

Arti Sharma
6:23 am

Hi there!
Glycosuria can be benign glycosuria.It can be seen in many conditions like any stress and anxiety .This causes release of adrenaline which increases breakdown of sugary products and results in glucose in urine.Excessive intake of sugary foods,hyperthyroidism and diabetes mellitus are few other causes.I suggest that you get a routine urine test and fasting blood glucose done to determine the cause.Start with exercise like walking which will benefit your asthma ,osteoarthritis as well.Reduce intake of sugary foods .Reduce weight if you are overweight.Drink lots of water and liquids.Keep me posted.Take care!

Ahmed Fawzy
9:51 am

You need to do urine analysis and blood glucose levels before jumping to any conclusions, glucose in urine generally means that blood glucose is higher than 180
Also check your blood pressure
Good Luck