I get frequent anterior shoulder dislocations will the situation get worse?

I keep getting frequent anterior shoulder dislocations, but my arm is only hanging out for about 20-30 seconds before it pops back in. Then it feels alright, I can feel that if I repeat the movement it will come out again but with force. The pain is not that bad, easily avoidable.

Is this something I can ignore? I don’t have access to medical help just yet, but want to know that I’m not making the situation majorly worse by continuing to not do anything about it.

Can I keep going to the gym 6 days a week? It popped out today doing lateral extensions.


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prashant gaikwad

recurrent dislocations need a MRI and a surgical repair treatment.
better to avoid gym workouts to prevent damage to the joint cartilage.

Ayman Darrag
6:18 am

Recurrent dislocations and instability of shoulder should be operated surgically..
In my opinion ..you should give conservative treatment a chance ..
Get a three week off gym and put your arm in sling in external rotation position..then gradually start rehabilitation .
It seems you are carrying overloads in the gym .. You need to lower the weights in your exercising to a tolerable amount and focus more on strenghtening anterior shoulder muscles (anterior fibers of deltoid )
Stretch you posterior capsule..

Ahmed Fawzy
8:54 am

Repeated shoulder dislocations leads to more dislocations ,so first line of treatment is try avoid further dislocations , avoid puting your arm in any abduction , external rotation position , apply this in gym ( avoid dislocation exercises ) second you can do physical therapy to help avoid further dislocation by maintaining optimal muscle power .
Third is the surgical treatment

(Yes it can be ignored but by time the longer you ignore the easier it gets dislocated from simple activity)

Good Luck

11:32 am

yes,the situation will get worse if you neglect it and continue to do exercises.
get MRI done to see for Hill sach’s and Bankart’s lesions.
Arthoscopic repair of these lesions followed by agressive physio will give great results.