I had a gallbladder removed I have a small tear leaking?

I had a gallbladder removed Jan 12. Sent home. Keep getting sicker. Ended back in Hosp. Still here. Have a small tear leaking. They been giving me tons of antibiotics. They were gonna send me to a diff Hosp to fix it. But now cause my blood works better want to send me home. Can the bile leak heal on its own. My feeling is all the antibiotics have my blood levels good. I want the leak fixed. I’m sick and in pain. But can that leak heal itself

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6:07 am

the leak can heal by itself but will take very long.
Instead,i would suggest you to get a culture and sensitivity of the leaked material done and then start on the appropriate antibiotics.
A local debridement may be necessary to facilitate the healing process.
Thank you.

Ayman Darrag
6:50 am

With excellent wound care and cleaning with betadine and preventing infection ..yes it will heal by time and do not worry about that as it is expected.
Speedy recovery wishes

Ahmed Fawzy
10:23 am

If leaking is at incision site then your plan of treatment is fine , however this much pain you are describing suggests internal leaking , if blood work is better it can heal on its own but usually this kind of leakage is fixed by aspiration and resurgical closure , if you are diabetic i recommend no further surgery unless it is a must.
Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
8:27 pm

As long as your blood tests become better, its better to continue the wound care at home, cause you are having an infected wound in a hospitalyou can catch infection from the hospital itself ,
Nosocomial infection , just make sure that you are taking the write antibiotics…