Looking for surgery to be able to walk in high heels again?

33, female. Spinal cord injury fusion to L3. Right Talus fracture surgery, slight nerve damages to right leg. Over counter pain medication, not allergic to anything. Able to wear high heels, not able to walk in high heels. 3years this May31, 2017 injuries. Open to suggestions with surgery to be able to walk in high heels again.

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6:10 am

i would suggest you to avoid wearing high heels as this may lead to compressive strain on the injured ligament and bones in the ankle region causing pain and discomfort.
Its better to use a flat footwear.
Surgery for wearing high heels would not help you much,infact may aggravate the problems.

Ayman Darrag
6:54 am

Ethically and in clinical practice it is not advised to wear high heals after major back surgeries .. It is miraculous to be on your feet after spinal cord injury at L3 and this means you should be more careful with your back..
High heels destroys the mechanics of the vertebral column in normal persons..
Imagine it after spinal cord fusion surgery…
I recommend 2cm heeled shoes with wide heels not thin ones and soft heels..

Ahmed Fawzy
10:27 am

Biomechanical point of veiw suggests that you avoid high heels completely, however physical theraby focused on streching ilieopsoas and strengthning gluteus maximus can fix biomechanics allowing high heals .
Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
8:08 pm

High heels are not recommended at all, how ever , if you are walking now after this kinda surgery and injury, so i think u have a chance, but its gonna be risky,
U need a physiotherapist