Small Insect bite, itching resistant to epinephrine injection, pills and creams, getting worse?

Hi , I am (…) from china , my Girlfriend has been bit by very small insect look like mosquito in a park , after two hours she begin scratch but it is not so bad as it is at night until morning its worse , it has swollen , itchy very reddish , she went to a clinic doctor inject a epinephrine , and three other injections. it was ok and comfortable till 4 to 5 hours then again she wants to scratch she injected second day then doctor said now just take pills and it will be fine , but it could not even no after a month its still like this in between some days it was just ok she thinks it almost recovered but no after a month gradually it is worse and worse now this is her second day to inject but she still want to scratch , My question is what we should do ? why it is not recovering , we used different pills and cream but for some time till that cream is there no itchy but later on it again itchy …

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6:12 am

this is because the insect poison is still remaining at the site where she was bitten.
If all the measures have failed,then i would suggest local surgical debridement at the site followed by antibiotics and anti allergic medicines.

Ayman Darrag
9:07 am

This means the saliva of the insect is still there …I recommend using Calamine lotion contains zinc oxide which has antiseptic properties known to prevent infection from scratching.
Aloe vera and oat baths …

Ahmed Fawzy
10:31 am

Try hyroxyzine 10 mg every 12 hours for 1 week if itching comes back or no improvement this means part of the insect is still inside which suggest surgical removal of resediual insect part(easy surgey can be done in a clinic)
Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
8:05 pm

That’s weird cause even insect bite allergies do not rake that long time
.please send me a pic for the skin problem , and types of medications used